Bathtub Reglazing & Refinishing in NY & NJ

A bathtub can offer a peaceful retreat for you and your family. Yet when it comes to bathing, bathtubs bear quite the burden. Bathtubs are often the first thing to show significant wear-and-tear in your bathroom. Fortunately, reglazing and refinishing could restore your NYC bathtub to like-new condition.

A simple crack in your bathtub could render it inoperable. Even with proper care, your bathtub could be infected with mold. Rust, mildew, and other issues can crop up even in well-maintained tubs. Fortunately, we will likely be able to restore your bathroom to like-new condition.

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Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing

Bathtubs can often be restored to like-new condition, or else updated with a modern refinishing or reglazing. Not only will your refinished bathtub look better, but it will also be better protected against water, mold, and other environmental threats.

Of course, you could always replace your bathtub. However, there are several benefits to reglazing/refinishing your tub instead, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Less waste (save a tub from the landfill!)
  • All work is done on-site
  • Your tub stays in place
  • Work can often be completed more quickly

Ultimately, reglazing and refinishing your bathtub is easier on the environment, your wallet, and your life. Yet the end product will be a bathtub that looks new, or often enough, even better than new.

No Spray Bathtub Restoration

If your bathtub has not suffered any major damage, and has not previously been reglazed, we can restore it to like-new condition using our new technique for no spray bathtub restoration. We can restore your bathtub to excellent condition without any odors, major construction, or dust. We’ll even provide a lifetime warranty.

Bathtub Liner Removal/Replacement

Bathtub liners can be damaged or cracked. We’ve even seen water get trapped behind liners, resulting in nasty smells. Fortunately, we can remove the liner and replace it. We can also refinish your bathtub as we do so.

Make Sure Your Bathtub Is Slip Proof

Have you ever fallen in your bathtub? If so, you’ll know that it can be an exceptionally painful experience. If not, trust us, it’s an experience you’d rather avoid. A simple slip could result in severe bruising,  broken bones, or other issues.

Unfortunately, water simply makes things slippery. One solution is to simply use an anti-slip mat. However, these mats often become detached and in many cases simply make the situation worse.

The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to slips in bathtubs. However, anyone can suffer a fall. That’s why we advise all of our clients to slip-proof their bathtubs to prevent injuries.

Regrout, Repair, Recaulk

The caulk and grout lining your bathtub may have become infected with mold or it may simply be worn out. Fortunately, we can re-caulk and regrout your bathtub, restoring it to pristine condition. Our clients are often surprised how much a simple recaulking job can improve the look of a bathtub. At the same time, a refinish could also protect your bathroom and home from water damage.

Likewise, repairing cracks will also protect your home and bathroom from damage. Fortunately, we can fix cracks while maintaining attractive looks. When a bone breaks, then reheals, it’s often stronger than before. When it comes to repairing your bathtub, you’ll often find the same.

Bathtub Drain Replacement

Is your bathtub drain leaking, or has it been damaged?  Is it rusting, or simply worn out? This happens to even the best quality bathtub drains. Fortunately, we can replace or repair drains, ensuring proper functioning and great looks.  We can provide many styles, including:

Drain stoppers:

  • Foot actuated comes with grinder
  • Push Pull comes with grinder
  • Lift and Turn
  • Presflo

Overflow caps:

  • Innovator Snap-On ( No screw visible for fancy look)
  • One Hole
  • wo Hole
  • No Spray Bathtub Restoration

  • Bathtub Liner Removal & Replacement

  • Slip Proof Your Bathtub

  • Regrout, Repair & Recaulk

  • Bathtub Drain Replacement

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What Our Customers Say

  • Yelp Reviews for Supreme Bath Refinishing New York Frank and his team were efficient and professional. My tub looks brand new! I am very happy with the outcome it came better than I expected. The worker was professional courteous and on time. An excellent experience overall. I can't recommend working with Supreme Bath enough!

    Nicole B.
    Nicole B. Reviewed on Yelp!
  • Yelp Reviews for Supreme Bath Refinishing New York Excellent communication and overall great job on my bathroom. I had my tub and tiles refinished. They answered any and all questions and concerns I had in a timely manner. I highly recommend getting a refinishing if you can't invest too much on your bathroom for cosmetic purposes. Thanks Supreme Bath!

    Mari B.
    Mari B. Reviewed on Yelp!
  • Yelp Reviews for Supreme Bath Refinishing New York Frank and his worker were extremely professional, prompt and did a fantastic job re-glazing our bathtub. It had been at least ten years since the last time that the tub was touched, and a few hours after Supreme Bath Refinishing began working on it, it looked brand new! Frank's guy was friendly, clean, and thorough in his work.

    Joe C.
    Joe C. Reviewed on Yelp!
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