Are there any extra charges?

No, whatever price was set while making an appointment will be paid upon the completion of the project!

What payments you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted. Certified check and money order are welcome too.

How soon you will be available after service requested?

Usually it takes up 5-7 days to come to your place after you call us. It depends on the size of the project

I’m remodeling right now, would I reglaze before or after?

You should wait until you have completed all your construction work.

What To Do Before We Arrive

Try to make empty the service area. Make sure that the faucets are dry. If there is a problem like water dripping or so, it needs to be taken care of before we arrive.

How you renew old bathtub drain and overflow.

Using the latest technology we put a bathtub stopper on your old existing drain and change overflow cap. This process will save you on hiring a plumbing service and there is no risk of breaking [...]

Can you remove Liners?

Yes we can! Had a bad experience with your bathtub liner. Is it cracked? Water trapped on the bottom? Bad smell? Doesn’t shine? Worn Out? Now you are convinced that Liners do not last as [...]

What is NO spray Bathtub Restoration NYC?

If your bathtub does not have any major damages and was not glazed before, then bathtub restoration nyc is the right choice of service for you. With this new technique we can restore your worn [...]

Why do different companies charge different prices?

Like everything else, you get what you pay for. Cheaper prices mean some shortcuts have been taken and or a cheaper material is being used. They also probably don’t have the specialized [...]

Are your coatings TOXIC?

No. They do have some odors but it is not fumes which is dangerous. And we do ventilate the room to get rid of pain odors!

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