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Nothing is more relaxing or refreshing than settling cozily in your bathtub after an exhaustive day at office. However, the urge to head to the bathroom right after coming back home takes a beating when you discover that the tub has yellowed and appears dingy. And if your bath is small, the dinginess of the tub sticks out like an eyesore.

Additionally small bathrooms tend to appear dirtier owing to the deposition of hard water, dirt and salt deposits in tile grouts on the floor and the walls. Replacing the old fixtures will surely reinstate the former immaculate state of the bathroom but the huge expenses will burn a hole in your pocket at the same time. Bathroom makeover NYC offers you few tips that will help you to achieve almost identical results at a lesser cost.

If the bath fixtures can be restored with a refinish or resurfacing then go for it

Majority of interior designers and home decorators agree that if the bathroom fixtures are in a functional state, there is no need to replace these. In fact, you’ll be squandering your money away if you throw away the bathtub and the commode which you could have used for some more years after resurfacing them.

Porcelain, cast-iron, fiberglass, and even steel bathtubs can be repainted and restored by bath reglazing Brooklyn professional. The tub resurfacing technique involves a three-step integrated process wherein the specialist gets rid of the old coat and uses sandpaper to level the surface. Next, he gets down to fixing the rusted, cracked and chipped spots. In the last step, he applies a primer followed by several layers of paint, and finishes the job with a sealant coat.

Use water-resistant paint for resurfacing the walls

Since bathrooms witness more footfall all through the day compared to other rooms in your home, they tend to remain moist and watery as well for the better part of the day. So, even if you have the walls coated with the best quality of paint available in the market, these will not be able to resist moisture. On top of that soap scum and foam add to the messiness.

However, there are manufacturers who promote what you can term as bathroom paint. These paint brands are hydrophobic and also have mold-resisting agents that ward off moisture. Bathroom regrouting Brooklyn outfits can resurface the walls with a moisture-resistant hue of your choice.

Go for lighter shades when doing a recoating job

Repainting the walls with a dark or deep color can make your small bath appear smaller. Now that does not mean you’ll have to settle for white or off-white shade. You can make your bath look more spacious by opting for a combo coat of white and azure or beige and white.

Make sure you hire a professional

Choosing tile resurfacing Brooklyn service over DIY is always a more practical and better alternative. At least, you’ll be spared from the trouble of having to buy the refinishing materials and tools yourself and devoting time to doing the onerous task. When you are in the process of selecting a NYC bathroom caulking professional or contractor, ensure to crosscheck the technician’s background, the length of time he has been in the trade, and the quote amongst other things.

Needless to say, going for wholesale replacements of bath fixtures and installations is a time consuming process, not to mention the massive outlay involved. Many homeowners are now resorting to bath resurfacing which is surely a more convenient and cheaper option.

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