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It is well-known that the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places of the house. Toilet seats, faucet handles, and hand dryers are some of the popular dirty contributors but there are other spaces inside the bathrooms that become brewing pots of different toxic mold species that are responsible for hundreds of bathroom-related disease cases in New York City alone according to an article by the New York Times. Bathroom regrouting Brooklyn is essential in ensuring that your bathroom stays clean both on the surface and under.

Regular cleaning of the bathroom helps control those icky germs from threatening your health. But there are other intensive and, oftentimes, ignored practices of keeping cleaner and safer bathrooms. These are some of the key practices:

Mind the Cracks

Innocent-looking cracks on the bathroom tiles might seem harmless to look at. But these areas are the ideal breeding grounds for molds. Scrubbing could do the trick but only as a temporary remedy. These fungi will continue to grow and occupy these fractures if left unfixed. Bathroom regrouting Brooklyn provides a permanent solution by sealing the cracks with fresh grout or replacing cracked tiles with new ones.

Grout Reinforcement

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. The same applies with cracks, not on the tiles, but on the grouting itself. Shabby grouting causes gaps under and between the tiles, allowing water to sip in and stay stagnant. Bacteria spread faster inside the damp crevice, which is evident by foul-smelling water coming out of the grouting cracks when the tile is stepped on. Bathroom regrouting Brooklyn strengthens the bond between the tiles and removes the gap on the floor base.

Regular Regrouting

Bathroom tiles degrade over time. The bathroom moisture greatly affects the luster of the tiles. Constant scrubbing also weathers the integrity of the grouting, making its bond between tiles weaker and its appearance unappealing. Old grouting looks dull and grimy. Molds also grow faster on old grouting. Efficient bathroom regrouting Brooklyn guarantees fresh, stronger tiles and grouting for your bathroom.

Bathroom Overhaul

Sometimes, you need more than just regrouting to ensure bathroom safety for you and your family. The design of the bathroom itself plays a vital role in preventing harmful bacteria from propagating in alarming rates. Overlooked areas like the back of the toilet bowl and under the bathroom sink are often bypassed during cleaning. Uneven floor level collects stagnant water, which increases health hazard and accidents. Bathroom make-over NYC helps remove the unnecessary elements and optimizes the spaces inside your bathroom. A professional bathroom make-over NYC not only safeguards health but also improves the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

While some people consider the bedroom as the most favorite part of the house, the bathroom will always be the best place to think, self-contemplate, and test out those vocal range. After all, your bathroom is the one place where you can have all the time in world for yourself.

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