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From the most classic solutions to the most eclectic ones, from the spotlights to the LED strips, the market offers infinite proposals to illuminate the bathroom . If you still don’t know which one to choose, take a cue from these ideas.

Recessed LED spotlights

The spotlights recessed into the false ceiling are very common solutions with a contemporary taste. But how to arrange them? The possibilities are many. For example you can choose to draw the profile of the bathroom or arrange them in an apparent randomness. The adjustable models are very practical : they allow you to direct the light beam where you need it.

Center mirror wall light

If you want to give your bathroom a modern atmosphere , combine a sink with soft lines and a round wall light . If you want to place the lamp directly on the mirror, you have to be very careful because the glass could crack. Alternatively you can fix it just above.

Side applique

Do you have a small bathroom and want to customize it? Choose two important wall lights to place on the sides of the mirror. Fix them high enough, almost at the end of the mirror, to illuminate the sink and allow you to mirror yourself without annoying shadows and reflections. Depending on the style you want to give to your bathroom, you can indulge yourself in an infinite range of options : from retro to minimal models, from wooden to metal ones (the latter perfect if you want an industrial atmosphere !).

Suspension lamps

If you like solutions outside the box , why not opt ​​for a suspension lamp?  It can be fixed to the ceiling just above the washbasin cabinet. One, two or even more depending on the effect you want to achieve. The beam of light from above ensures the right lighting while preparing in front of the mirror.

Bright bands

Are you looking for an even more spectacular and at the same time minimal result? With the LED strips you can create  light profiles that design the environment. You can also place them in niches, to enhance your favorite bathroom products! The lighting is completed by spotlights that are simple to be recessed into the ceiling.

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