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The bathroom is not a room like any other, on the contrary it is very particular and difficult to furnish, because in addition to its purely functional aspect, a room of this kind must be designed perfect. If these standards are not respected, then the time has come to think about the bathroom renovation .
What are the best proposals on the market in terms of style, elegance and functionality? Without a doubt, the modern style reflects these three characteristics, so let’s see together how to make your bathroom more beautiful in a perfect modern style.

Modern bathroom: ideas and tips to make it perfect

The bathroom today is no longer intended as a service room, but is considered as a room dedicated to relaxation, a quiet place where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest after the daily stress. So when you are considering the idea of ​​the bathroom makeover you have to take these details into account in order not to run into mistakes. 
As for the modern style, there are several factors to consider, let’s see them together!
1. Materials 
The modern bathroom is certainly very bright, therefore it is important to choose purely neutral colors, marbles, ceramics or mosaics. Tiles and decorative patterns for the floor and a new look of the walls, with different colors of the walls and tiles will give a new and trendy look to your room.
2. Bathtub or shower?

The detail that cannot be missing and that really makes the difference in a modern bathroom is the choice between a shower or a bathtub. The first factor to consider is the space available and, finally, the time factor. So if you choose for the bathtub we recommend the modern ones with whirlpool or the corner ones, all strictly square and simple with a mixer in perfect modern style. Instead as regards the shower we recommend the glass shower cubicle and marble details all flush with the floor.

3. Taps and sinks
It is important to choose the right tap, as the sink will also have to adapt to the style of the room and be square or rectangular in perfect harmony with the mirror placed above it.
4. Mirror

To give personality to the bathroom it is important to choose a mirror with a unique design, capable of decorating the wall and making it unique.

5. Colors
The walls for the modern style are dominated by neutral and bright tones that can give the room an elegant and clean look. In perfect chromatic and geometric contrast, with respect to the floors. If, on the other hand, you love bold contrasts, the two colors that should not be underestimated are certainly black and gray! Gray might seem an unusual color, but in reality it is very elegant and gives the room the right look. The black instead creates a sophisticated look and a clean and elegant contrast to the environment.
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