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Bear in mind that whatever decision you take with regards to your home restoration project, it’ll have a bearing on the final outcome, and that holds for your bathroom tile painting NYC scheme as well. Having said that, repainting the bathroom could be a complicated or simple task depending upon the level of grime or dust the space has accumulated following your last cleaning. Additionally, the humidity or moisture level could also influence the tile painting NYC plan’s complicacy (or simplicity for that matter).

Before you embark on the task of choosing a paint finish for your bathroom, ensure that the same is waterproof or at least water-resistant and convenient to clean as well.

The Appropriate Tile Paint NYC Finish Will Keep the Bath Radiant for a Long Time

First off, you need to decide on the color or shades that will grace the bathroom walls. Once you’re through with that, you’ll have to review the different kinds of finishes that are available, minutely comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of each. The sole reason why you need to be so circumspect in making the final choice is to make sure that your bathroom continues to look appealing till it is time for the next tile painting NYC job.

Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss paint finish is perfect for bathrooms that tend to attract a high level of moisture. No wonder then that semi-gloss continues to remain the first choice amongst homeowners and painters. This type of paint finish after application on the walls is not only competent to tackle the moisture quite effectively but can be quickly and easily cleaned as well.

The finish’s consistency also remains intact for a long period of time and requires minimal maintenance. However, do address the bumps and dents in the plasterboard (drywall) before applying a semi-gloss coat.


High-gloss paint and coat finishes are undoubtedly the most effective in repelling and thwarting moisture. Nevertheless, a vast majority of painters and proprietors find such finishes too gaudy or flashy for their liking. In fact, walls coated with high-gloss paint appear somewhat like laminated plastic sheets. If you’ve a weakness for high-gloss finishes, then restrict them to casings and crown moldings (the area where the ceiling and wall converge).


Eggshell paint finish works in a bathroom where the moisture level is extremely low or practically absent. As eggshell finishes are not glossy and rather low on luster, it can be used for concealing imperfections, like cracks and dents in the wall surface. Nevertheless, if you’ve a penchant for such a finish, then ensure you do not choose a regular or normal finish but one that has been specially formulated for the bathroom. A regular eggshell finish may not be able to ward off moisture, and thus check mildew growth.


Satin paint finish also enjoys good popularity with a section of homeowners and homemakers as this type tends to be more hardy than eggshell as well as is comfortable to clean. At the same time, it is not as lustrous as high gloss or semi-gloss ones. The biggest drawback of satin finish it is not very moisture-resistant, definitely not as much as high-gloss or semi-gloss.

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