Bathtub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing, and bathtub painting are all terms to describe the applying of a durable new finish coat to an existing tub.

Bathroom Refinishing

Almost all Bathroom fixtures can be refinished with NYC Bathroom Refinishing:

– Standard Bathtub.
– Claw foot bathtub (antique tub.)
– Acrylic bathtub
– Wall tiles.

– Sink
– Pedestal sink.
– Jacuzzi
.- Sink

– Shower stall.
– Counter Tops.
– Floor tiles

We use up to date coatings that is resembles the original surface. After it is applied you can’t tell the difference unless you are a professional bathtub refinisher. So, what is involved in the process?

  • Cleaning a bathtub with our special cleaners that makes the surface virgin clean. If the surface been refinished before we strip old glaze prior to cleaning it.
  • After cleaning, etching is required to make the surface stickier for a top coat.
  • When bathtub is etched, it needs to get dry. We dry the surface with our hot air compressor.
  • Time to fix and fill big chips and cracks. Almost all damages can be fixed to a 100% invisibility.
  • Now we are ready to mask the surface that we don’t want to be sprayed. All except the fixture that needs to be refinished will be covered with the masking paper and plastic cover.
  • Now we are ready for saline bonding agent that helps a primer to stick to the surface better. We wipe the surface saline before priming.
  • After 2 coats of primer is applied to the surface, we have to wait 10 minutes before applying our final top coat.
  • Before a top coat is applied we put a non-skid surface on the base of the bathtub if it is required by a customer.
  • Finally, ready for a top coat. 3 coats of acrylic polyurethane is applied to achieve super gloss and durable finish.

Chip, Crack & Scratch Repair:

Damaged bathtub, shower, sink….etc? We can fix any chip, crack or scratch matching your bathtub color so no one will know that anything happened to it. New construction? Something fell down on your fixture? No worries, we are just a call away. Contractors are welcome!

Counter Top Refinishing:

Put your countertops in a higher level with Supreme Bath Refinishing’s revolutionary Countertop Resurfacing – without breaking the bank. Using our Imitation Stone Finish coatings we’ll transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops at a fraction of the cost of Real Stone. No inconvenience, mess or hassle, either. Bath and Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing has never been so easy – your surfaces will be ready to use in just one day!

Countertop refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement. The process involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter. Countertop refinishing works equally well on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, laminate breakfast bars, and even cultured marble sink vanities. For color samples please visit our colors section.

No spray bathtub restoration:

If your bathtub does not have any major damages and was not glazed before, then this the right choice of service for you. With this new technique we can restore your worn out and dull bathtub to its original new look. It is 99% odorless, no dust and lifetime warranty. Note: bathtub color cannot be changed with no spray restoration since we putting back in life your old original bathtub, but if you want to change the color you can go with our traditional spray system!

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Regrouting:

Do You Have Loose Missing Grout In Your Bathroom? Get This Taken Care Of Before It Damages Your Walls/Floors From Moisture Migration. It can become a very expensive problem if not taken care of. Wall board and sub-flooring can become saturated and fall apart. Requiring complete removal and repair of the substrate. Soiled, stained, loose and missing grout problems can be repaired. The problem grout areas will need to be removed allowing room for new grout to be installed. For patch jobs we’ll match up your grout color as close as possible for a seamless look. Or for complete jobs, you can change the color for a brand new look.

tile cleaning

Liner Removal:

Had a bad experience with your bathtub liner. Is it cracked? Water trapped on the bottom? Bad smell? Doesn’t shine? Worn Out? Now you are convinced that Liners do not last as much long as advertised. We can help! Remove the liner and refinish a bathtub.

Non-Slip Bathtub Bottom Application:

Bathtub Non-Slip Anti-Slip Solutions – Bathtub non-slip can be added to any bathtub surface as a stand-alone solution or built in to our bathtub refinishing coating services. Provides a safe and secure feeling. Our bathtub anti-slip services do not have any sharp grit and provide comfort while bathing or getting in or out of your bathtub.
And you will feel more secure!

Bathtub Drain Renewal:

A corroded or damaged bathtub drain makes your bathtub’s look ugly even your bathtub is already refinished. Choosing the right drain system we will ensure you years of trouble free operation and minimal maintenance. From 14 finishes we offer, you will be able to match it to all your other bathroom fixtures including your tub overflow cover.

You Can chose from the following styles:

Drain stoppers:

  • Foot actuated comes with grinder
  • Push Pull comes with grinder
  • Lift and Turn
  • Presflo

Overflow caps:

  • Innovator Snap-On ( No screw visible for fancy look)
  • One Hole
  • wo Hole

Available in Chrome Plated (CP) and these designer finishes:

  • Brushed Bronze (BB)
  • Brushed Nickel (BN)
  • Biscuit (BS)
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze (BZ)
  • Chrome Brushed (CB)
  • Nickel Polished (NP)
  • Polished Brass (PB)
  • White (WH)


The caulking around your tub, shower, sink, and backsplash is a vital piece of protection against water damage. In time, most caulk will mold, dry up, peel, or crack. If ignored, exposed caulk or grout joints can result in severe water damage and costly repairs. In extreme cases, a complete tear-out or replacement is needed. It is important to maintain the caulking around areas exposed to water. New caulking will even drastically improve the look of an existing tub, shower, sink, or backsplash. Be on the lookout for moldy or worn caulk.


Transform your old fixtures into a sparkling piece of art

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